15 Tips For Planning an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

Bidding goodbye to bachelor days must be done in style; it must leave an everlasting impression on all your friends. This one party must encompass all his likes and loves and make it the most memorable night of his life.

Follow the below tips to plan the perfect party.

  1. You need to know what your finances are to make the most of it. Hence draw up a list of all that you plan to do and estimate the price to organize the finances accordingly.
  2. Make sure the finance is in a comfortable range for all the friends.
  3. Decide whether it will it be Las Vegas or Hawaii or any other exotic location or just a cozy time with selected friends in your flat keeping in mind the groom’s preferences.
  4. Choose a venue that is easy to reach for all the invitees.
  5. Nowadays bachelor parties run into weekends. Hence decide whether you want it to be a whole night, whole weekend or few hours duration again keeping in mind your friend’s preferences and likes and dislikes.
  6. Call well ahead in time and make the bookings for the preferred date.
  7. Reach out to all your friends to ensure they are in town and can make it for the event. Give them sufficient notice to plan their schedule.
  8. Line up golf, board games, fishing, skydiving according to the crowd.
  9. Have an itinerary ready for the party. Let it be flexible.
  10. Decide the menu – the food and drinks. Talk to the restaurant in advance to avoid hiccups on the D day.
  11. Be prepared for unexpected friends and events.
  12. Delegate work to other reliable friends to ensure the smooth running of the show.
  13. If you choose to get drunk be responsible and inform the concierge to arrange for a ride back to your hotel room.
  14. Plan for transportation for those coming from outside state.
  15. Ensure the surprise element of the party remains in wraps.

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