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How to Travel the World in a Boat: The Guide

Earlier boats and ships were used to get from one place to another country, continent or seaport by governments, shipping companies, the navy etc. Now it is there for all – family luxury cruises, research workers, fun boating trips by ordinary people and even teenager sailors who are learning How to Travel the World in a Boat: The Guide will give you a basic idea though not possible to give all points.

  1. Join a Ship Crew – You may have got close to your dream of getting on a boat but it did not come true. It could be that you did not inherit a ship or can’t afford to buy it. Volunteering as ship crew is a great way to get around the globe. Be aware of cost sharing arrangements and know thoroughly about them as they generally have costs/ wages on a percentage sharing basis by/ for ship crew.

  1. Be a Nanny/ Caretaker – A Nanny or a person taking care of small kids could also get lucky. Families going on a luxury cruise generally require kids’ caretakers while parents are holidaying.

  1. Do Research Onboard – This is another great way to travel the world in a boat especially if you are in a team of researchers. You do not require any highest educational qualifications for this as they even need helpers, deck hands, and workers in administration, deck cleaners, etc.

The most basic way How to Travel the World in a Boat if The Guide did not work is to buy a boat / rent a boat by contacting a shipping broker or checking online for such details. If this is what you want then we can help at if you are planning a luxury ship cruise.…