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Long Haul Flight Essentials: The Best Things to Pack

If you have a long haul flight coming up then you must ensure that you have packed all the essentials the right way. Sorting the hand luggage is definitely one major task to plan. Besides that, you should also ensure that you are well prepared for the flight journey itself. If you would like to check out some trendy accessories for your travel check out

  1. Carrying a water bottle would ensure that you can fill it up from the fountains when required. This can save the money spent on buying water from the airports. It is very important to stay hydrated especially during a long flight.
  2. If you are on any medications make sure that you carry the medication with the labels intact and carry the prescription along.
  3. Carry a lightweight jacket to keep you warm in case you start feeling excessively chilly.
  4. A good scarf can be fashionable and functional.
  5. A neck pillow is indispensable during a long haul flight
  6. Many even find an eye mask and a pair of earplugs to be useful to make it easier to fall asleep in the flight.
  7. Pack a handful of your skincare essentials like lip balm, hand cream and others in a compact cosmetics bag. Make sure that the bottles in which you carry the products are air-travel ready.
  8. Your earphones would go a long way in keeping you entertained. Not everyone likes to use the standard pair of headphones that most flights offer.
  9. Instead of carrying a bulk of books in your bag, carry an e-reader so that you can carry all the e-books you want to help you kill time through the long flight.
  10. Have an easily accessible travel bag for your passport and other valuables and place in a compartment that you do not access to often.