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7 Ways to Stay Sane When Planning a Trip with Friends

It is very necessary to plan many things when traveling. When traveling with friends you tend to forget some things. On the trip it gets so exhausting managing issues you did not plan out so the quality time of the trip gets lost. You do not want such stuff happening on your next trip with friends. So, these are 7 Ways to Stay Sane When Planning a Trip with Friends for your next trip.

  1. Accommodation Type – Discuss budgets as you and friends. may differ especially if you are trying to save on the stay charges for budget hotel & he/she may want something more luxurious. So, make a rough plan and make them clearly understand it.

  1. Transportation – This is another vital thing to discuss as you may want a different mode of transport – Air, Railway or Road. Plan ahead so you can book tickets in time.

  1. Destinations – Your favorite destinations and their’s may definitely be different. So, discuss roughly and make sure if visiting as a group, visit at least each of your destinations on your trip.

  1. Eating Habits – You may have different eating schedules as everybody’s diet, eating habits, food timings, and medications before/ after meals, allergies, etc. will be different. It is very important as some tend to feel weak/ hungry during the trip which would affect other’s visiting duration or even worse, you do not get something to eat around. So, discuss before your trip and carry food.

  1. Driving Turns – When hiring a car, make sure all driver friends are listed on the contract as you’ll all have to take turns while driving.
  2. Sleeping Schedules – Some feel tired soon and need a nap while others can go days without a sound sleep. When traveling some get tired and take more time over jet lag. So discuss if you need rest on arrival or between trips/ etc.

  1. Planning Expenses – Split the costs if paying all or individually ahead of time for expenses like internet, hotel tips, travel insurance, meals/ snacks, accommodation, transportation, tickets, alcohol, check price.