Tips Preventing Travel Anxiety and Carsickness in DogsĀ 

The travel anxiety and carsickness is not fun for anyone, and if it is in dogs, it can ruin your trip. But few things are discussed here that you can do to make the journey smoother, safer and enjoyable for your dog and everybody.

Prepare your dog before you go on a ride

Treat the dog in such a way in the car like by praising and loving him, giving treats he really loves, feeding him with favorite foods, giving them bones like the best bones for puppies so that your dog gets acclimatized with the environment within the car. Practice these things daily or on alternate days depending on how stressful they are in the car and increase the time gradually. After a certain period, he would have positive experiences associated with the car and become comfort table in the car. In the beginning, go to short fun trips and later increase the distance.

Calm your dog

Use certain products to calm your dog in the car like toys, clothes with your scent, pheromones in collar form, i.e., the substances that act through senses smells explicitly of same species, homeopathic remedies, etc. The conditions within the car like soothing music, fresh air also help make the dog calm. You can also arrange safety items like travel crates or harnesses to create the feeling of security in the dog that also keep them safe and others during travel.


Sometimes even after trying out all the above methods, your dog need medication to get relief from travel anxiety and enjoy the car ride. The antihistamines, anxiolytics, sedatives, neurokinin receptor blocker are some types of medicines that can be applied after consulting veterinarian.

If your dog has a vomiting tendency, then avoid feeding him a couple of hours before you start your ride. Hope these tips help you in preventing travel anxiety and carsickness in your dog.