Why do social networks exist?

We witness the use of social media at a very wide use by this generation. From dawn to dusk we have the social media indulgence in almost every routine of ours. At such a pace of its growth, we need to pause and ponder on what is the real reason for the existence of the social networks.

Some of the top reasons for the existence of social networks are :

  1. To stay in touch with friends: this is the first reason anyone using a social network would say and that is the reality.
  2. To be up to date: to be informed about news and current events and things that happen on a day to day basis is possible only through social networking.
  3. To enjoy spare time: so we have the class of people who use social networks for time pass and be occupied in their spare time.
  4. To be entertained: finding funny and entertaining content is one reason why some of us use the social network for. You never know how time flies at such times.
  5. General networking with people: this may be career oriented or work-related, basically networking with a
  6. Because friends use them: a copy mentality, just to use the social network because friends are already using it could be another common reason to use this network.
  7. To share photos and videos with others: to upload pictures and videos on these platforms and become well-known could be the reason for teenagers to use this
  8. To share opinions: to create opinions and write-ups on any general issue or technology or trends can be why some use social networks.
  9. Get to know about new products: to know about recent products and their uses are why we browse the internet offer and also to know about existing products in detail.
  10. To meet new people: to enlarge your circle of friends and people could be a reason to use social networking by today’s youngsters.

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